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West NYC x New Balance Release Party with Raekwon


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Getting lost with The Lost Generation

Books, books, books. I love being around them, smelling them and of course reading them. Armed with my Brooklyn Public Library card and in an effort of continuing self education, I’m reading some American classics. Last week was The Great Gatsby. Coming up, East of Eden and The Sun Also Rises. Clearly, I’m on a Lost Generation kick. My dad would be so proud.


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

My brother {and all around favorite person in the world} took 8 weeks off and traveled Thailand over the summer. He definitely puts the “bro” in brother. View pics with caution.

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I wanna know what love is

I see this:

And I think of this:

But seriously, go see Moonrise Kingdom. I’ll even go with you and see it again.

KAWS in the one-nine-nine-nine

I found the KAWS tag from 1999 in my office building while riding the freight elevator. It was super hard to get a decent shot with the weirdo lighting and the fact that I was moving but I really wanted to share it. Enjoy!

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Leilani Bishop in Vogue

The latest issue of Vogue arrived in my mailbox a few weeks back and much to my surprise and delight, the lovely Leilani Bishop {who I posted about not so long ago} was featured.

She has just launched three (yes, three) fragrances inspired by her Hawaiian heritage and upbringing. Would it be overkill to get them all?

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Interiors Inspiration

Both real life and television life …