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Little Brother, Big Tymer

My little brother and I talking about him getting a PR job after graduation.

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Sunday afternoon trip to MOMA with Patrick, Chris and Michelle. Lovely day, lovely company. Got a little arted out after a few hours. Only got yelled at by security once. Here’s some ridiculous pics of me and l’art.


Food Porn.

Latest food obsession: seared tuna steaks from Trader Joe’s. Small side of sliced mango and avocado. Total heaven.

Booyah Shazaam

Ever ask someone “oh hey do you still talk to so-and-so” and they say “sure all the time.” Okay, with me and Mel it’s like that but literally and totally next level. Apologies to Patrick and Julius.

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Jeremy, put the Adidas down and walk away. I can’t take seeing these anymore.

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Although I’m a Kelly girl …

I saw a middle aged {straight} man on the train yesterday with one of these. I’ve seen them before and found them amusing but paired with this dude, I found it hilarious. Now I kind of want one.

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For My Michelle

Every time I see a feather, I think of Michelle. Spotted at Union and Grand.



2011 so far …

In nail polish.

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So much cuter than my American Apparel coin purse.

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