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Why you wanna go and do that, love huh ???

My hate affair with TOMS “shoes” is well documented. I mean, they just forced me to use my most despised so-called literary device of using quotes to imply so-called {see what I did there?} because clearly these fucking things are not shoes.

That being said, they’ve done a collaboration with my beloved The Row and it’s making me feel real like Newt Gingrich must have felt when Candace came out of the closet {what up ’90s political reference}. Whose side do I take?


Uh huh … sassy

My boyfriend told me the other day that what initially attracted him to me was that I was “sassy.” This montage keeps playing in my head {behind the scenes version here, y’all}.

Before / After

A lovely patient at my work brought in a grocery bag full of fresh veggies and herbs from her garden. I roasted up some potatoes, yellow squash and tomatoes with the fresh basil. Added only a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a few smashed heads of garlic. I can honestly say they were the best roasted veggies I’ve ever had.

{Sorry about my foot in the first pic}


Another Friday night in Brooklyn

I went to BAM last night to see the Tribe doc which was followed by a brief yet insightful Q&A with it’s director Michael Rapaport. The film was great especially for a fangirl like myself. I would’ve liked to have seen a bigger focus on the creation of their legendary music instead of the interpersonal relationships. But when there’s that much turmoil behind the scenes {kidney transplants and an alluded-to physical altercation}, I get why it was more “Life” and less “Beats and Rhymes.”

After the movie and the Q&A, I stalked Rapaport to the lobby and got a picture with him {after patiently waiting for him to finish his conversation with Mick Boogie *swooooooon*}.



A few new bits from Nike that {GASP} I don’t hate.

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Fit for a McQueen

Yay, puns! So, I went to the Met on my birthday to see the McQueen exhibit. It was way more intense that I thought it was going to be. I imagined it just to be rows of mannequins in various McQueen creations. Turns out there’s a whole multi-media aspect to it with screens showing past runway shows {the most famous being the Kate Moss hologram from f/w ’06} and then the corresponding pieces below them. There was creepy music which made the whole experience even more bizarre but in the best way possible. It was like a haunted fashion house. So fantastic and I highly recommend anyone in NYC to go see it {it’s been extended to August 7, I believe}. There’s books and postcards and t-shirts and other crap you can buy. I settled on a miniature version of the armadillo shoe. Super cute on my bookshelf.


Show yourself …

These earrings came in the mail yesterday. The package was addressed to me and I have no idea who they are from. Leigh, maybe? SHOW YOURSELF !!!


The more Jeremy Scott keeps putting these shoes out, the more the posts just keep writing themselves.

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I’ve been obsessing over this bathing suit for years. I never thought I’d ever get my hands on one {even after trolling eBay for it every day … seriously every day}. Of course now it shows up online and I get it just in time for my first summer NOT spent in Florida. Anyway, here it is, KAWS x Married to the MOB:

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Strawberry Alarm Clock

Just showing myself a little love.