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incense and peppermints, the color of thyme

It’s nearing cooler weather and that means open windows and endless incense burning. I try not to burn too much during the blaring A/C months as it makes everything I own stink. There’s really nothing like going to wipe my sweaty face at the gym with a hand towel only to get a nose full of Nag Champa. My favorite incense in the world is by a company called Shoyeido. The only place I have ever found it is a little store in Hiawassee, Georgia called Body Sense. Since the likelihood of me ever going back there is slim to none, I was forced to order online. You never know in this economy if someone’s going to go OOB (out of business, I’ll let you use it) so I ordered 10 boxes. I felt like Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld where she cleans out every pharmacy that carries The Sponge.


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tonight’s dinner

During the course of my unemployment, I am attempting to become a cook. Not a better cook but a cook in general. For almost 30 years all I have been able to master is scrambled eggs. With a little help from my friends, I am learning. I’m going to start documenting my meals under the title “Tonight’s Dinner.” Here goes…

Tonight’s dinner was salmon. I used very basic ingredients (lemon, garlic, dill, butter, salt and pepper). All put together in some foil and baked at 375° for about 30 minutes or until done. I added an arugula salad with grated asiago, lemon juice and pomegranate infused red wine vinegar.

Lemon, garlic, dill and of course, the fish

Lemon, garlic, dill and of course, the fish

All together now

All together now

Finished product

Finished product



I posted here back in February how I got the name for my url. I decided to make one of these images my favicon but it’s so tiny that I’m going to post it again.



sweet sweet fantasy week 3


Week 3 has come and gone. I’d really just like to forget it all. My team played like a bunch of 3rd stringers with the exception of the Dallas defense who did outstanding. As the numbers below show, no one showed up like they should have. Manningham was a good pick-up but did nothing. Darren Sproles performed well below what he showed in week 2. Drew Brees… I thought I knew ye.

Here’s how I ended up:

Drew Brees – 8
Mario Manningham – 5
Roddy White – 2
Darren Sproles – 6
Joseph Addai – 12
Kellen Winslow – 1
Nick Folk – 7
Dallas – 22

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air structure triax ’91 x lucien

Lucien’s a Nike head. She wears chains that excite the feds.


emma bear

I stopped by Mother Falcon yesterday to say hello to my favorite married couple ever and was pleasantly surprised to see their dog Emma there. I remember chuckling at her just 2 years ago when she was squirmy and awkward. She’s turned into quite the pup.


Perfect gym bag

I really need something to start carrying to the gym. A small duffle of sorts. Enter Futura Laboratories new spray paint accessories line. Normally, I’d go into hate mode over something like this, but with Lenny attached to it, I’m fine. I want the army green one.


Image from High Snobiety


Sounds good to me:

1. one that shares : partaker

2. a : one associated with another especially in an action : associate, colleague; b : either of two persons who dance together; c : one of two or more persons who play together in a game against an opposing side; d : a person with whom one shares an intimate relationship : one member of a couple

sweet sweet fantasy week 2


Week 2 is at a close and boy was it a weird one. I proved to be quite the little drafter. Too bad I didn’t start the playmakers this week. But still, I am the only undefeated person in my league.

Drew Brees came through as usual. He’s a no-brainer. I figured Brian Westbrook and Joseph Addai were also no-brainers. Instead, they came up with a combined 9 points. Really, fellas? Meanwhile, I should have started Darren Sproles with LT being out but decided against it since the Chargers were playing the Ravens. Foolish. Dude came through with 22 points. Let’s see, what else? Oh! Manningham! I felt a little chemistry during the Giants season opener and decided to grab him off the wires. Excellent choice as he came up with 21 points this week. Did I start him? Nooooo. But Vincent Jackson still came through for me in place of injured Wes Welker.

Here’s how I ended up:

Drew Brees – 33
Roddy White – 11
Vincent Jackson – 20
Brian Westbrook – 6
Joseph Addai – 3
Kellen Winslow – 15
Nick Folk – 8
Dallas – 0

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