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Big rings, bad habits

Little Amanda Blank’s solo debut “I Love You” is my most anticipated record of the year. It comes out next Tuesday and I can’t wait!

Pre-order here.



Connect Four

Picked one of these bad boys up the other day at Target. It’s paid for itself already. Patrick and I played probably 15 games yesterday at BETA. Tommy asked us to at least play in the back. We refused and so he joined in. Times are tough. Belts are tight. Game on!


Lucien sort of in action

Super zooted off of catnip.

Btw this is who she’s named after.


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’03 Bonnie and Clyde

Obsessed is how I would describe my interest in Jay-Z and Beyonce. I love, love, love them as a couple. They always seem to complement each other somehow. He always looks crispy no matter what and she seems to either have a really great stylist (most likely, and NOT her mom as she claims. House of Dereon is eh) or she truly understands how to work high fashion as a day-to-day look. My favorite shots of them are courtside but I included a variety below.




Put the Bedazzler down. Step away from the gum sole.

nike bedazzled

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This is all I want in life:

jay and bey


Boot and boots and boots

Everywhere I look it’s all about boots lately. But not for girls. Nope. For guys. Even Collette is doing a pair of Timberlands. Last fall I found my old Timbos in my closet and decided (out loud) that I was going to bring them back and start wearing them. I wore them maybe a dozen times then it got hot again. I was speaking of this last night and was told that I am not the fashion visionary I think I am. That of course Timberlands are back in style because all the other boots out (ie Red Wing) are too expensive and (this just in) we’re in a recession so everyone is wearing their Timberlands they’ve had for 10 years or so. I can’t get no respect.

Suck it, Kanye.

kanye timberland


Way to take some Basquiat artwork and shit all over it, Reebok.


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What’s love got to do with it?

Ugh. I hate that I’m writing about this. I do. Really. But apparently I need to write more on here instead of just posting pics from other sites I see.

So I have 2 friends. Nameless. Sexless.

One is hellbent on finding that one person (not “the one” per se) that drives them crazy. Makes them think. No gap in conversation. Stimulating. Butterflies. All of it. Maybe they have already found it, maybe not. But they search and keep themselves open to every opportunity in hopes of finding that click. I admire this. I do. However…

The other was like the former. Exact same mindset. Would not settle. Spoke for hours about how they wanted that feeling. They thought it was intangible. Now is in a relationship. Claims that they only had aforementioned mindset as a convenient way of not committing. But is “happy” (whatever that is) with their mate. There is no mention of this mate being the person who makes them feel how they wished to feel for all these years. In fact, they rarely reference this person in outside (or for that matter, inside) circles at all.

My question is, which one is crazy? Is it crazy to settle or to not settle? And what exactly constitutes settling? The second person was so adamant about this feeling they wanted to experience. It’s not something they could ever describe. It’s quite possibly the most passionate I’ve ever seen them speak about anything. Cut to a little over a year later and what was an exciting prospect to them has now been reduced to a psychoanalytic anecdote. Fuck the feeling. Don’t need it. Never existed. The first person is still searching for that feeling that the second wished for. What is the difference between these people? Why (or maybe even when) does one stop searching and settle?