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I’m sure I’ve posted this before but it still makes me laugh.

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Christmas 2011

Still waiting for someone to buy me this. It’s the Dirt Devil Broom Vac all over again. No one actually thinks I want this stuff. I assure you, I do.

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Soundtracking Snow

Music is the shitty weather cure all. I mean, the snow today was pretty and all but it was suck city to be walking through with improper shoes. But it was all good because I was BLARING this song in my headphones. Soooo last year, I know but it had me stomping with a smile on my face.

Books: Past, Present, Future

Just finished {for the 10th time, purely out of comfort}:

Still working on:

Just started:


Next comfort re-read:

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And another one

Little piece that I missed last week from A Love Letter To Brooklyn.


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Steve Jobs Memorial

Greene Street and Prince Street in SoHo.


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Dw by Kanye West.

Okay, let’s talk about this shit. But before I do let me say that I understand what he’s trying to do here with these clothes. I get it. However …

It’s pretty much what I expected. It’s complicated, overly ambitious, unfocused and overly designed. This is supposed to be a Spring 2012 collection and it all looks heavy and uncomfortable. I doubt that most of this can be reproduced. I’m very interested to see how much it gets watered down by retailers and who picks it up.

Also, the clothes were not fitted properly to the models. Puckered seams? It looked like a scene out of Project Runway instead of a serious collection debuting at Paris fashion week.

Judge for yourself:

Pics from High Snobette

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A Love Letter To Brooklyn

Steve Powers aka ESPO is at it again and {sort of?} in my neighborhood. To see this in person is super crazy. I’m not sure my horrible photography really captured how ginormous it is. I was hoping for a little more color like the pieces they did in Philly but it still really is phenomenal.

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