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Sorry, Marc.

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Funniest thing in 2011

Thanks, Shawn.


What a day Leia and I had. We started at 8:00am waiting in line on the UWS for standby tickets to see Conan’s last day of NYC taping.

After two hours we were given numbered wristbands and told to return at 2:45pm to see if we were getting in. Lansky’s was chosen for the breakfast stop due to our mutual love of diners. A quick stop at Century 21 and then we headed over to the Coco MOCA pop up exhibit at Columbus Circle. Lots of cool fan art pieces of Conan in just about every medium you can think of, from acrylic nails to night lights to pencils. It was time to head back over to the Beacon Theater to wait in line again.

After about another hour we were finally chosen! We had to sit separately but we were totally fine with that. Leia’s view was great. Mine was not. Got to see Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, a gay wedding, Will Forte and Conan sat in playing drums with the band during a commercial break. So much fun! Check out pics below.



I was stahvin the other day for some quiche. I’ve eaten plenty in my years but never actually made one. I looked up a few different recipes on the internet and kinda mashed ’em all together to come up with this. I wasn’t originally intending on making it crustless until I realized my grocery was out of fresh pie crusts. So, crustless it was! Go DGAF cooking!


5 eggs
1 package baby spinach
1/2 Spanish onion
1/2 red onion
Sun dried tomatoes
3/4 package shredded Gouda
1 cup grated Asiago
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Chop onions and saute until softened. Chop spinach and add in until softened as well. Beat eggs in bowl and then stir in heavy cream, cheese, salt and pepper. Add spinach and onions, stir. Chop up sun dried tomatoes and add into mixture. Pour into 9″ pan. Bake 30-40 minutes. Done!

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