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I cannot stop looking at the pictures from this article. Dude lives in 178 square feet apartment? This place is nicer than anywhere I will ever live. There’s no way I could ever pull off, as the article puts it, the “more is more look.”


tonight’s dinner

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about food. I think it’s mostly because I’m insanely busy and the most cooking I’ve done is boiling water for prepackaged ravioli.

Tonight I decided to try cooking steaks in the oven via this post from The Kitchn. It looked easy enough and since one of the materials is a cast iron skillet which Patrick just happened to have bought me for Christmas, it was all systems go.


2 New York Strip Steaks (I don’t fuck around with that fatty shit)
1 tablespoon salt
Some pepper
Some canola oil

Dawgs, if I can do this, anyone can. Add some steamed broccoli and I was in business. Bon appetit!


view from atop

… of my desk.

PS- Has anyone tried the Starbucks oatmeal? Do yourself a favor and pick one up. It’ll be the best $2.50 you’ve spent in a while.

rip beta

I love this store. I really do. But I’m relieved that it’s over. The poor little thing just couldn’t do it anymore. She tried hard. She did. There just wasn’t enough money or attention to make it work. I wasn’t there for the beginning but I was there for the middle and the end. It started as a drunken dare (Me: This shit ain’t hard. I could do this. Patrick: Fine. Be here next Saturday.) and culminated into me running the store for 4 months. Last Sunday we cleaned the remaining stock out and put it in storage. It was sad but celebratory at the same time. I’m mostly sad for Patrick because it was his baby but I’m also glad that we get our Saturdays back.