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Out with the old…

For those of you who I talk to online, you’re aware of my daily lunch updates. And by lunch updates I mean which ready to serve rice I’m eating. Mainly, the brown rice. I like it best.
I’ve grown tired of it as of late so I’ve switched it up to something much more exciting.
That’s right! Oatmeal! Much more dangerous and sexy than rice, no? So now I give daily oatmeal updates. Thus far, the maple and brown sugar is my favorite (damn you Patrick, for being right). The cinnamon spice is okay. I prefer the consistency of Quaker to Publix brand. Stay tuned…

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Any will do

I keep saying that all I need is like 10 pairs of Air Max and/or trainers. I think I’d be straight with that. So, here’s the ones that I’m currently coveting. Since I received no presents for making it 2 years nicotine free, I feel obligated to state that my birthday is July 1*. I’m going to do a separate post for hi tops.

Air Structure Triax

Air Max Light (or ’89s)

Air Max 90s

Air Stabb (Foot Patrol)

*I should mention that some of these were not produced in my size or are pretty much impossible to find at a decent price.

Solid as Barack

Check this

This dude (yeah I called our President “dude”) just keeps getting more official. It just goes back to that whole thing in High Fidelity where John Cusack talks about that it’s not what you’re like but what you like that really matters.

This is my fave pic of him thus far:

Click here!

I haven’t updated this in a bit because I’m too busy reading other people’s blogs. So, I thought I would share what those are with you.

Oh Happy Day
I was Google image searching for pictures of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and ran across Jordan Ferney’s blog. She’s just your every day girl but incredibly artistic and crafty. I would love for my blog to be like her’s, but alas I am not nearly as talented. It’s hands down my favorite.

Nah Right
This is where I get most of my new MP3s, remixes, freestyles, etc. Owned by Complex Media. Ecko got his hands in everything.

I Don’t Like You In That Way
Best gossip site out there by far. No silly ms paint effects like on Perez Hilton and this dude is actually funny. Plus, he makes sports and hip hop references too. I’m sure we’re related somehow.

MOB Living
Can’t leave the most official bitches out. This is the blog for Married to the MOB, one of the only streetwear companies out there for the ladies. The majority of the posting is done by Futura’s daughter Tabatha, so you know it’s on the real.

Louis Vuitton don night


This is how one should do the 50 year-old divorcee look. Puh-lease.

… and scene.

Dungy=Dunzo.  Side note: how boss is this pic of him?



In other news, the Broncos new head coach is only 32.  Feeling like a failure in 3, 2, 1…

Really? Really?!

I’m sick again. Good-bye world, hello week of Theraflu and echinacea. 



Sincerest Form

This has been floating around for a minute but I don’t care. It’s insane.


Have a seat

I really feel like my life would be better if I were sitting in this:

I prefer the standard 4 legged model, but I could deal with the eiffel tower legs.


Five interceptions on your birthday? Ugh.