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hello this is mia

One of my goals for 2010 was to buy a real domain for my blog and ditch the Instead, I got a new job and a new apartment. This past month has been filled with boxes, shopping for new dress pants, FAFSA, learning how to use a gas stove and saying good-bye to Melissa and Julius (the last one being the most difficult). I’ve barely posted at all during a time when I probably have the most to say. I’ll fix that soon with posts of my new spot (once I’m done moving in), pics of some new (and vintage) things that I’ve recently purchased and of course, countless pics of Lucien. Until then please enjoy shit that I’ve stolen from other blogs.

Oh! And I’m now a contributor at Tales from the Blonde Fox so check for me to talk some shit on there.


jive talkin’

Every time I think about this scene, I laugh. It never stops being funny to me. Enjoy.


After almost exactly 6 months of unemployment, I finally got me a jobby job! I celebrated with a lovely dinner with the A-list (minus Metha) at Citrus. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams that I make it through a nine to five after doing a twelve to seven at BETA for so long.

three years

I quit smoking 3 years ago today. And yes, I miss it.

Edit: As my reward for not smoking, Patrick bought me ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone!


This is my last week in Apt 2. Kinda sad, I guess but I’m ready to move on. I have lots of packing do and then the actual move. Lucky for me, I know a pretty strong dude who can help.

art of facts

I’m not even going to talk about this one. Just watch.


I’m not sure what my deal has been lately, but all I can listen to is Raekwon. Seven hours straight at BETA the other day? Sure. I tend to go back and forth between who I love more, him or Ghostface. This week The Chef is clearly the winner. The video below is from the Blackroc sessions. Dude is just real.


Now we’re talking, Nike. Spring oh ten Air Max Light and Pegasus ’89.