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press up

I’m really into these letter press posters from Paper Jam Press. More to choose from on the main site. I want all of them, in frames, above my bed.

paper jam press


nooka wallet

The new Nooka wallet looks pretty cool. Although I am not looking to part with my trusty Prada any time soon, this is intriguing to me. I could get the grey one to match my watch.
nooka wallet


Thank you, Greenstern.

More here


swinging good time

Bergdorf ad for Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2009 line. She appears at the very end. I really love this.

wu v. 2

This is Logan Walters “Wu Note” project. He reimagined some of Wu-Tang’s album covers inspired by old Blue Note covers. I’m really feeling this.


More here.

show me the dotted line

A bit of normalcy makes me feel normal again. And so, I give you this.


Breathtaking pieces

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I normally reserve these posts for wack sneakers but I couldn’t pass Paris Hilton’s new perfume ad. Does she think she looks good here? This is just plain frightening.


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My cousin’s kitten. She’s the most fearless animal I have ever seen. She will jump onto and off of anything. Almost every picture I took was blurry no matter what because she’s so squirmy. I had to put her in near choke holds just to get this one.


all black everything

Big ups to Yardley for his cameo. I screamed when I saw it.


one way love is just a fantasy

This ESPO piece and Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” is how I feel about a lot of things right now.


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