Monthly Archives: December 2009


It’s been real, Amelia Street but time has come to move on up… three zip code digits. My apartment is just too small. Lucien needs sunlight for sleeps in her old age. New spot is cheaper. You get the idea.



I need to find a new yoga class somewhere. My gym offers some but since my favorite instructor left, it’s just not worth it. Must have a decent pace but no Ashtanga because my poor shoulders can’t take it. Anyone?

Rappin’ with the rickster

If you don’t know who Ricky Powell is, we’re not friends.

cooking fail

It was bound to happen. I got too big for my britches and fucked one up. I needed something to bring for a Christmas potluck at my boyfriend’s mother’s house. It would have to survive an unrefrigerated two hour drive from Orlando to Clearwater. Pistachio brittle was what I was going for. Pistachio goop is what I ended up with. From what I’ve read online, I didn’t cook the caramel for long enough so it didn’t harden properly. I poured it into the pan and waited but it just stayed squishy. So I arrived empty handed with my sad story of failed attempt. Luckily, only my presence was required. See goop below.


tonight’s dinner

I’m trying to get a little more creative and risky with what I cook. I’ve made spaghetti and salmon so many times now that I feel like I’ve abandoned my original drive to learn to cook and have sunk into a comfort zone. I decided to try this recipe but with Mahi instead of Moonfish. It came out delicious as you can see below. Took less than 45 minutes total. If I can make it, anyone can.



10,000 blog views.


Boots from Old Navy. Faux leather. No care.



I do not want to get married. I do not even want a small party with friends or anything. No celebrations. I have no interest in this. However, I would like a nice ring. This Cartier will do just fine.