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I like the tiny hamburger

Typing Genius has now surpassed Tweetie as my new fave app (although they work together *explosion*).


So, you can do all these smart-kid, grammar-nerd tests that are all fine and good and fun and boost my texting skills which I am always working on but that’s not really what this app is about. Well, it is what it’s all about but it’s not the fun part. It has this option for emojis that you can text to your friends and they are super fun. It’s iPhone viewable only (suck that Crackberry users) and has kept me giggling for hours.

Big ups to The Mayor for the heads up on this one.

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Coffee coffee coffee

How many more posts will I make about my dark roasted lover? The world may never know.


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China from Japan

My grandmother on my mother’s side passed away around Thanksgiving 2005. She was my biggest fan and greatest champion. She was more than will to fix me “a little something” in the kitchen and always placed it impeccably on colorful plates. Shortly after she died, my aunt and I were unpacking boxes in her new house in Atlanta and came across some of these pieces. She was kind enough to give me a decent portion of them, two small blue plates being part of the lot. Neither she nor my grandfather nor myself could recall where they came from exactly. I turned them over and they said “JAPAN” on the back. I thought, “hm, china from Japan.” It struck me as funny and I’ve thought of the phrase ever since. When I couldn’t think of a name for my blog’s URL, the phrase popped into my head again and I decided to go with it.


I will go to SoDo if I have to

Dear Jesus and Santa and the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy and whoever else I need to call upon in this great time of need, pretty please with sugar on top, let a Target near me carry the Alexander McQueen line. I will be the bestest girl of all the bestest girls of all time. I will make my bed in the morning and stop cursing at people when I drive and calling Patrick an MAB* (okay not really but this line looks super offishe).


*mark ass buster

Some sample looks:

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Paparazzi at Jason’s Deli

“Take a picture of me with my soft serve for the blog.”

“You need to frame it better.”

“Okay, nevermind. Just stop. No, really stop.”

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Fuck your cuisine

I rocked Sweet Tomatoes on Saturday night. WHAT?!


This is my friend Joseph:

He’s one of the coolest cats I know. Mixtapes, fashion, design, the latest ep of 30 Rock? He’s on the motherfucker. He has a blog too and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not saying this because he’s my friend. I’m saying this because the stuff he posts and is interested in is way better than anything I could ever come up with on here. He’s incredibly inspiring, one of the nicest dudes ever and can cut a rug to boot.
Bookmark this. You won’t be sorry.


Why-o, why-o, why-o

Must everyone have my hair. I say this every day to people and get the response “their hair looks nothing like your’s.” Ahem, I beg to differ. These people do hours worth of shit to their mane to get my just-rolled-out-of-bed look (and TRUST, I really have just rolled out of bed, I do not primp). I was asked today by a coworker, “so what do you do to your hair to make it look like that?” I explained nothing. I went to sleep with it wet and woke up looking like this. Her reply? “Most people have to do a lot to their hair to make it look like that. Curly haired people usually have gross hair. Your’s isn’t like that at all.” And I rest my case.

PS- I love these 2 beyond belief.

Your screensaver say tweet

This is Tweetie:


She’s pleased to make your acquaintance. She’s one of my favorite iPhone apps. Let me preface this with saying that I (almost) never pay for apps. I like ’em free. But this was just too good to pass up. $2.99 gets you an iChat interface (bubbles in all their glory) plus a whole host of different set up options AND multiple account usage. Can I get a hell yes?

Plus, this dude uses it. Nuff said.

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Arriving Friday

Finally ordered a new cover for my butterfly chair.