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As one-two-three

Not only can I get 75% off a gift subscription but I get relationship advice too. Thanks Wired !!!

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Lovelies from J.Crew

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! I’m pretty sure I need all of these but I also have nothing to eat in my house and barely any money in my bank account and rent is due next week and my money could be spent more wisely. Anyway …

PS – I could turn this into a J.Crew fansite {with a side of Jay-Z … wait both start with “J,” I may be on to something here} easily with the way they keep putting out great pieces like these.

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Obsessed: Lauren Santo Domingo

Three words: Lauren Santo Domingo. I can’t get enough of her. Some may call her a socialite. I call her fabulous. From her townhouse to her beauty routine, I am in awe and envy. Added bonus: she modeled for Sassy back in the day.

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Spotted: Ford Bronco

I love, love, love the old Ford Broncos. I saw this one in particular on 6th Street in on my way to meet this guy for dinner last week. Clearly you should buy this for me so I can whip around like Jack Shepard blaring In Utero. I mean, duh.

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How you gonna tell me this record’s not hot ?!

I think I’ve posted this before, actually I know I’ve posted this before and probably on the old BETA blog too. It’s just so good. I like seeing the technical side of these dudes. Also, I’ve never seen anyone make Kanye shut up and listen like Timbo does in this. A must watch.

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Here’s where I try to post an arty shot to counterbalance all the shit talking and other people’s photos

Pretty sweaters in my closet. L to R: Thakoon, Madewell, Behnaz Sarafpour, J. Crew.

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Jenny Pollak

Lovely shots through foggy windows. So simple and beautiful.


The secret to my success

Or at least to how I recover from bouts of drinking and eating not the healthiest food. I chop up a cucumber and some tomatoes, sprinkle the tiniest bit of salt {like 1/8 tsp} and viola, rehydration salad! It’s just so refreshing and really makes me feel instantly better. A glass of coconut water {Vita Coco only, don’t fuck with that Zico bullshit} to go with and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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Keys open doors

Is this art? Because I can just never tell.

The bus stops here

I’ve been taking the bus a lot lately especially to and from work. There’s a stop right around the corner from my apartment that drops me off 1/2 a block from my work. It’s fantastic AND I can use my phone AND I can catch up on my Vanity Fair reading. It’s hard to look cool waiting for the bus though. Sometimes I try like the first photo and sometimes I embrace my inner middle schooler like the second photo. Enjoy.

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