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Fairy Tale Interrupted

The Kennedy obsession continues. It started with me reading On the Trail of the Assassins {basis for Oliver Stone’s JFK} when I was 8 years-old and continues with Fairy Tale Interrupted, a memoir written by John Kennedy Jr.’s former assistant. It came out on Tuesday and I held out until Sunday to download it from the iTunes store and stare at my tiny iPhone screen, absorbing all the JFK Jr. & CBK goodness. Not super-lengthy {250ish pages} but I can’t remember the last time I read an entire book in one day. It was compelling for a Kennedy freak like me but not as insightful as say, What Remains. Regardless, I can get back to the 3 books that I’m currently in the middle of.

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Horrible Moment in Hip Hop History

But one of the greatest 1990s TV moments ever.


NYE 2012

I turned my camera on to take some pics for a new DGAF Cooking post and came across these pics from New Year’s Eve that I 100% do not recall taking. Just look at the versatility I show in lighting options. I hear black out drunk is the newest in contemporary style.

Vogue x Eames

Photo from Vogue shoot in 1954 at the famous Case Study House No. 8

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San Pellegrino

How did I not know that grapefruit and blood orange versions of my favorite bev (Aranciata) existed?




I’ve had high school crushes on the brain lately.

Vans DQM General Store

Grand Street. The shoes are kind of cheap looking but this “screen” made out of all white decks is pretty fresh.

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I can’t find a print of this anywhere but I think it’d look extra crispy in my living room.