Monthly Archives: June 2009

Most personal

I debated putting this up for a while and continue to debate whether or not I want to have it printed. It’s pretty personal and not perfectly framed but it’s my favorite picture (of my favorite) in the whole world.



Last Splash

That’s what I would call my cover band for The Breeders if anyone would be willing to do it with me. I would rock the shit out of “Saints.”

*Side note: Totally forgot it’s not the album version in the video.

Little feet

I could take pictures of Lucien all day.




Potato latkes. I should’ve asked for sour cream on the side. Thanks Too Jay’s.



Bye Jillian!

No one can analyze an Aaliyah song like this feisty little redhead. New York just got a little more awesome.





Good morning

I love love love toast in the morning. Preferably sour dough or rye. Preferably made for me by someone I love.


Seen at Build

Ugh nice watch

My birthday is Wednesday. I’m sure you can get this overnighted. I want the purple one. Of course.

nixon purple

From High Snobiety


Dear God, no. Please stop making shoes like this. Boys, please stop wearing shoes like this. I am putting my hi-topped foot down on this crap. Biggest turn off (besides boys who order sweet tea at dinner) is dudes in Vans/Vans-like shoes. Looking like a 5 year-old is not cool. Ladies, same with the Keds look. Hate it. So, again: no.

slip on no