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Dw by Kanye West.

Okay, let’s talk about this shit. But before I do let me say that I understand what he’s trying to do here with these clothes. I get it. However …

It’s pretty much what I expected. It’s complicated, overly ambitious, unfocused and overly designed. This is supposed to be a Spring 2012 collection and it all looks heavy and uncomfortable. I doubt that most of this can be reproduced. I’m very interested to see how much it gets watered down by retailers and who picks it up.

Also, the clothes were not fitted properly to the models. Puckered seams? It looked like a scene out of Project Runway instead of a serious collection debuting at Paris fashion week.

Judge for yourself:

Pics from High Snobette

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How you gonna tell me this record’s not hot ?!

I think I’ve posted this before, actually I know I’ve posted this before and probably on the old BETA blog too. It’s just so good. I like seeing the technical side of these dudes. Also, I’ve never seen anyone make Kanye shut up and listen like Timbo does in this. A must watch.

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It’s like whatever

So, clearly there are sneakers I can’t stand {see any and all “No” posts} and sneakers that I love. Let’s talk about the ones in between. People seem to really be into some stuff that I just can’t vibe with. Like, kids {and grown men, SMH} stand in line for these? I can’t be bothered with any of them.

Air Max 95 ... I just don't get the appeal.

Any of the Foamposites

Air Yeezy 2 ... or anything Kanye is involved with.

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