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I was stahvin the other day for some quiche. I’ve eaten plenty in my years but never actually made one. I looked up a few different recipes on the internet and kinda mashed ’em all together to come up with this. I wasn’t originally intending on making it crustless until I realized my grocery was out of fresh pie crusts. So, crustless it was! Go DGAF cooking!


5 eggs
1 package baby spinach
1/2 Spanish onion
1/2 red onion
Sun dried tomatoes
3/4 package shredded Gouda
1 cup grated Asiago
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Chop onions and saute until softened. Chop spinach and add in until softened as well. Beat eggs in bowl and then stir in heavy cream, cheese, salt and pepper. Add spinach and onions, stir. Chop up sun dried tomatoes and add into mixture. Pour into 9″ pan. Bake 30-40 minutes. Done!

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Frozen Meatballs

Man oh man I have been laaaazzzyyy when it comes to cooking lately. It’s just hard to sacrifice the temperature in my apartment by turning the oven and/or burners on long enough to make something good. Enter: Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs. Hello lovers. I toss these bad boys in with a large can of crushed or diced tomatoes, a few heads of garlic and some basil. Pappardelle has been my pasta of choice lately. I like a flat, broad noodle. Little arugula side salad and I’m happy.

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The secret to my success

Or at least to how I recover from bouts of drinking and eating not the healthiest food. I chop up a cucumber and some tomatoes, sprinkle the tiniest bit of salt {like 1/8 tsp} and viola, rehydration salad! It’s just so refreshing and really makes me feel instantly better. A glass of coconut water {Vita Coco only, don’t fuck with that Zico bullshit} to go with and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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Use What You Got

Endive Cobb Salad.

Genius, if I do say so myself. I bought these wacky endives and then realized that I don’t really have anything to go with them. I love cobb salads but never have bacon or bleu cheese in the house. I did have some panchetta though left over from my I’m-going-to-start-making-cheese-plates phase. Also, I had some pears that were about to go bad. Enter DGAF cooking.


Like, 5 or 6 endives
1 or 2 hard boiled eggs sliced/crumbled up
Some grated asiago cheese
1/2{?} a pear sliced into super thin strips
Handful of cherry tomatoes
2 or 3 pieces of panchetta ripped into smaller pieces
2 tablespoons honey mustard vinaigrette dressing (see below)

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing
A few squirts of deli mustard
A few drizzles of honey
Some balsamic vinegar
A few drops of extra virgin olive oil
3 cranks of black pepper

Mix well with fork

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Use What You Got

Use What You Got is the second in my series of cooking posts. I became unemployed in the summer of 2009 and decided I was going to learn to cook {see “Tonight’s Dinner” posts}. I have since become employed, relocated to Brooklyn, blahblahblah.

Over the last few years I’ve become more confident in throwing dishes together and improvising ingredients. Use What You Got is basically me finding recipes or dishes online, realizing I don’t have all the ingredients required and, being the lazy ass that I am, refusing to go across the street to the grocery store and instead {you guessed it} using what I got.

I really wanted to make a pesto which usually requires parmesan cheese, pine nuts and basil. I had asiago cheese {my personal favorite}, raw almonds, spinach and some whole artichoke hearts that were about to go bad. Clearly, this is DGAF cooking. Also usually used is a food processor. I have an immersion blender. You see where I’m going with this.

1/4 bag of baby spinach torn into smaller pieces
2 cooked artichoke hearts roughly chopped
2 tablespoons grated asiago
Handful toasted/roasted/whatever almonds
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves of garlic finely chopped
Few turns on the pepper grinder
Pinch of salt

Toast almonds in pan for a few minutes (do NOT add oil!)
Add all ingredients into container and blend until smooth
That’s it.

{I ate this out of the bowl with Wasa crackers all week. It never actually made it onto any pasta.}

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